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Time signatures and more on "1921"

>I was wondering how many of the Who's songs are in 
>a time-signature other that 4/4. I know Love, Reign O'er Me
>is in 6/8. Are there any others???

Unless I am greatly mistaken, "Music Must Change" is also in 6/8 time.
  And I think "I've Been Away" is in 3/4 time, although I'd have to 
go listen to it again to be sure.

Now to pick more nits with "1921"!

>Funny thing.  I've always thought that that song related to the age 
of =
>Tommy's mom, or her lover. It then fits with the rest of the 
timeline in =
>my head

I think that's really the only way the song makes sense, and as has 
been mentioned it was used in this manner in the "Tommy" theater show.
  Of course, this begs the question of why the song was titled "1921" 
instead of merely "21".

Theory One: Because Pete wanted it that way, and mere mortals such as 
ourselves should not even try to understand the complex and 
convoluted workings of Pete's mind.  

Theory Two (this one just occurred to me): Someone OTHER than Pete 
gave the song that title.  I have no evidence to back this up, but it 
is a possibility.  After all, weird things can happen to song titles. 
 I have been told that European versions of "Quadrophenia" list one 
track as "The Punk and the Godfather", whereas we in the US have it 
listed as "The Punk Meets the Godfather".  So I'm thinking that maybe 
"1921" was originally intended to be just "21" and a typist screwed 
it up or something.  Then again, if this was the case you'd think 
Pete would have mentioned it at some point.  But far be it from me to 
try and predict what Pete might do...(see Theory One).

>people cpt. walker came home during world war 2.

In the "Tommy" film and theater show it is made clear that Captain 
Walker served in World War II.  However, the lyrics of the "Tommy" 
album do not actually say this!  All we have to go on is "Captain 
Walker didn't come home/his unborn child will never know him.  
Believed to be missing with a number of men/don't expect to see him 
again."  Those lines don't tell us which, if any, war Captain Walker 
vanished during.  As many people have said many times, the first part 
of "Tommy" is very vague and confusing with little clear action.  The 
truly amazing thing is that "Tommy" managed to be such a hugely 
successful work despite these obvious shortcomings.  I guess people 
bought the record 'cause it was like...good, or something.  It sure 
wasn't 'cause it was easy to follow.

>Not really, but in a time while The Who is doing little which might
>solicit discussion, it's a legitimate topic...don't you think?

Quite so!  Whenever actual Who news gets slow we have to resort to 
these sorts of discussions.  If we don't, we inevitably end up 
talking about something even stupider, like Roger's exact height or 
Pete's taste in shoes.

- -Yellow "Better this than the other!" Ledbetter