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> What all of you say is true about pure art and of music as a whole, but
> not of rock music. 
> In terms of the purely
> artistic and musical element of Pete's music, nothing about Pete
> himself effects the music.
> Rock is something more, it transcends art.


I have to disagree with all of the above. Rock music is pure Art, or as
pure as ANY Art, and while it's often transcendental it cannot transcend
what it is. I'll be the first to admit it's not always GOOD Art...
As for Pete himself affecting the music...what do you base this on? I
believe his anger (at least) and low self-esteem definitely affected his
music. He took out his anger and frustration on stage, as he has said.

> Rock n roll is ALL ABOUT
> personality, lifestyle, and social behavior

Now this I agree with, but would say it's also true of any Art from any

> Everything about the artist and the context that his work was created
> matters.

But didn't you say above: "nothing about Pete himself effects the

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