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Re: The 1921 Question

I am probably playing with a hornets nest here, but is the literal ,
historical, interpretation of Tommy really important?  In fact, isn't it just
a distraction from the meaning/message that is  behind the storyline?  Isn't
that what an allegory  or parable is a vehicle for?  This "1921" inquiry  is
to me kinda like historians and scientists trying to disprove that Jesus was
born on Christmas day in the year 0000.    Joseph Campbell speaks of the
tragedy of interpreting Biblical events as historic fact rather than seeing
 and hearing what is being said as symbolic of a deeper spiritual message .
The Story is a vehicle that we can use to transpose that parable or allegory
 into a meaning for  our own life.   I am not criticizing ,  I hope, but the
whole literal argument is to look too much at the pointer, and not to what is
being pointed TO.  

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