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who is

> I have a cover of "Substitute"  by The Sex Pistols and Tommy re-do's by:
> Uncle Wiggly, Smack Dab, The Workdogs, Pig Pen, Lunachicks, Artless, John S.
> Hall, Dave the Spazz, Iron Prostate, Dogbowl, Alice Donut, and the See Me
> Feel Me Orchestra.  But I don't really know who these guys are but they all
> are on this 7 I got called "Tommy in seven minutes"
> AMy

I know who Dave the Spazz is.  He's a DJ at WFMU, an awesome freeform 
radio station out of East Orange, New Jersey that covers northeastern NJ
and the NYC area.  He plays mostly spaztic punk records and talks like a
spaz (hence the name).  He also sings for a local NYC band called the Sea

The Lunachicks are from NYC also.  

- -Jerry