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Phil wrote:
>Maybe I'm being naive, but the way I understand it, the following 
>lyric makes it all perfectly clear to me:
>"Captain Walker didn't come home
>His unborn child will never know him.
>Believed to be missing with a number of men
>Don't expect to see him again"
>I don't see how this can be interpreted as anything other than 
>literally, although this still doesn't explain what the trauma Tommy 
>went through was.  This lyric implies that Tommy never even saw his 
>father, let alone see him murdered/commit murder.  I reckon that 
>Tommy's trauma was nothing more than seeing his mother screwing 
>another bloke........

        No....  In the lyrics which come with the album, at one point Father
and Lover are exchanging lines, I think.  And since Pete was key in the
story-boarding of the B-Way show, I would think that if no one died in the
original album, no one would have died in the B-Way show.

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