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Probably everybody knows this but I'll relay (keep a movin' on) it anyway.
I saw Pearl Jam in Charleston last fall and E. Vedder told the crowd to shut
up while he introduced the song Present Tense off of their last album.  He
said the the song was dedicated to our big nosed friend, hence the initials
of the title are the same as Pete Townshend's: P.T.

And a side note, I am compiling covers of Who songs if anyone has any to pass
on I'd appreciate it.

What I have is:
Smithereens - the Seeker
the Jam - So Sad About Us and Disguises
Green Day - My Generation
Paul Weller - Magic Bus
WASP - the Real Me
Elton John - Pinball Wizard
and an album of covers called Who Covers Who.