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Bonus Tracks!

I have bought all the re-issued albums in the last year or so, but never
got around to purchasing the box set because I was dead broke when it
came out. Looking at it the other day in the record store I noticed that
it contains the same live version of "Dreaming from the Waist" that is
included on the re-issued "Who By Numbers," and the same live version of
"Naked Eye" which is added as a bonus track on "Who's Next."

I don't know about you guys but this strikes me a sheer laziness on the
part of whoever was primarily responsible for assembling the tracks, and
something of a rip-off. It should have clear to the band that the people
who were likely to buy the box set are the same folks who would be
buying the individually re-issued albums. Moreover, there is a wealth of
unreleased live material available so why not provide us with tracks
that we don't already own.

Anybody else have thoughts on this or other aspects of the bonus tracks?
(For example, am I the only one who could have done without the
additional (virtually identical) version of "Who Are You" and the bloody
awful rendition of "Empty Glass" on the last reissue).