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I'm NOT "Citywatch"


>- -Yellow "Feed Your Head" Ledbetter

Dear Yellow Ledbetter,
No offence, but actually my name is Phil, and not "Citywatch".  
Unfortunately, the email system where I work (i.e. Citywatch) insists 
on putting the company 'signature' at the end of my messages, and I 
can't change it.  You can reach me on email direct by sending stuff 
to: PhilWade@Citywatch.co.uk
OK thanks for that, just thought I'd clear up that little gripe.

By the way, whoever it was that was singing the praises of Who by 
Numbers, good call.  I dug my copy out and played it constantly 
over the weekend.  I'd completely forgotten about songs like "Blue 
Red & Grey" and "Slip Kid".  Brilliant.

"Take 276.  You know, this used to be fun"

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