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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V4 #66

There is a story in The Times (London) today (18/3/97) about a woman 
who is making a claim against the owners of the "Bowbelle", a barge 
which collided with the river boat "Marchioness" in 1989 (?).  She 
is/was a saxophonist, who had played in session with Pete in 1986, 
and he appeared yesterday as a witness, saying that if it hadn't been 
for the accident (in which 51 people were killed), and the subsequent 
mental trauma, she could be earning up to stlg3,000 per week.  I won't 
go in to details of what was said, but I have scanned the article 
(including a picture of PT "leaving the High Court yesterday"), and if 
anyone wants it they can email me on:


and I will forward the scan (GIF).  It is IMPORTANT that you use the 
above address, otherwise I won't receive it, it will go to another 
mailbox which I don't have access to.

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