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Re: The Who Guitar Page

In message <33304B12.20E3@earthlink.net>, Matt Bustamante
<mbustamante@earthlink.net> writes
>I'm looking for info on  THE JOHN ENTWHISTLE BAND, no one ever 
>John, why?  Had the pleasure of hearing them, meeting them, and being 
>their gurests at a private party with Jon Anderson; "YES" (Cakewalk) at 
>the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA several weeks ago.  Never met such nice 
>people, and you'll never be able to duplicate what its like listening to 
>John talk about being at Woodstock.  The players are excellent and they 
>need their own mailing list.

Ooops!  Sorry about that!  Actually I have already created a sub-
directory especially for JAE tabs so anybody who wants to send them
to me - please do!

Can't imagine how I omitted John from the post.  I certainly meant to!

Sorry again folks!
- -- 
Gary L