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Concerning the Final Vote

> > And finally, the MOST favored Who songs are:
> > 
> > The Ox-                               2.00
> > The Dirty Jobs-                       2.00
> > However Much I Booze-                 2.00
> I'm sorry -- I just don't buy it.  

You don't buy it? What exactly do you mean by that? You don't buy what?
Do you think that those three songs aren't really all that popular?
Or do you think that people really didn't vote that way?

If you think those songs aren't all that popular, you're obviously right.
This was a very limited poll contained within a certain population of
Who listeners. The three most favorites only got two full votes each.
If other people had voted and others hadn't the results would be different,
but then, in the words of Noel Gallagher, "What if the queen had six
fucking tits?" Because this poll was so limited- and I did wait two weeks
and post several times to get as many responses as possible for that 
very reason- and because you get a wide spread of results due to the
individualistic nature of Who fans, such a poll as this is prone to a
certain element of chaos. It's like, make your computer put out random
numbers and you won't see any order for a while (some numbers will 
randomly get hit more than others), but after maybe thousands of numbers,
some evenness and order will evolve. Since this was- again- a limited poll,
it was very subject to just such chaos. DUH!

If you think people really didn't vote that way, you either think I messed
up counting or you think I intentionally changed the results to fit a
hidden agenda. If you think I miscounted, I sent out my method for all to
examine, and I still have the replies on file, minus a few that got sent
to the list and not to me or that I accidently erased after I counted but
before I saved, most of which I wrote notes that they existed anyways.
If you don't think you have enough to do, I can gladly send you the
results and you can double check my counting- which I did anyways- and
see if my math is alright.

If you think I sabotaged the results to somehow promote songs I liked,
you'ld fit it in very well here in Georgia. We have a ton of Illuminate
believers and other assorted cultish fanatics who eat such theories
right up. Well, I'll tell you that though I like the songs that won
and I have nothing against them, they're pretty far down on my personal
list of Who favorites. I myself voted a full vote for Behind Blue Eyes.
Incidently, if I did wish to bring to light certain Who songs that I
thought didn't get the recognition they deserved, I'd write something
much more direct, like, "'Put the Money Down' is really beautiful' or,
"Man oh man, isn't 'Sunrise' just one of the most ethereal songs ever
written?". Besides, why are the results of a little poll on the old
Who newsletter even worth the effort of thinking such suspicions?


Phew, that was a fun little vent! I wonder if I was finding an acceptable
outlet for the pent up agressive feelings buried deep in my subconcious...
Well, I'm going to go home now and throw some darts at my newd centerfold
of Shel Tammy. Take it as you will.

- -Hart Deer