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Touch Me,Feel Me

>1.  It was an attempt to destroy his instrument of self-expression as a 
>manifestation of his frustration 
>at his inability to fully express himself.  Sort of like a writer breaking a 
>pencil in half, but a lot 
>more violent.

             It also hurts a lot less than smashing your actual penis .

>--as the conclusion of the concert act, after some yelps of joy, the guitar 
>was changed from its erect state to its flaccid state, 
                   Your penis "yelps"??  I'd see a doctor!    
>and would no longer be able to perform the concert act (at least for some 

                   Hey,speak for yourself!

 > This theory is proven 
>by the fact that Fender guitars were made with the help of DICK Dale.

             Pete never played a Fender.He played Rickenbackers,which with the 
letter "p" at the beginning are of course "prickenbackers"

 > And I'm sure I could tie Les Paul 
>into this thing if I thought about it enough.

             He'd probably prefer to be left out of it actually!