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Poll Results: Favorite Who Songs

The results are in! The way I tallied the results, everyone who
voted got one point worth of vote power. So, people who sent in
one single favorite got one point for their vote, people who sent
in two favorties got half a point a piece for each of their
favorites, people who sent in three favorites got a third of a
point each, etc. I rounded each final result to two decimal
places. Needless to say, with as varied as the tastes are of
Who fans, there were tons of ties.

Without further ado, here are the songs, followed by the number
of points each of them scored.

The SEVENTH most favored Who songs are:

I Can See for Miles-                  0.17
Tatoo-                                0.17
Sunrise-                              0.17
Dangerous-                            0.17

The SIXTH most favored Who songs are:

Drowned-                              0.33
Too Much of Anything-                 0.33
Won't Get Fooled Again-               0.33
The Naked Eye-                        0.33
The Song is Over-                     0.33
Bell Boy-                             0.33
Who Are You-                          0.33

The FIFTH most favored Who songs are:

Bargain-                              0.50
Music Must Change-                    0.50
We're Not Gonna Take It-              0.50
Heaven and Hell-                      0.50

The FOURTH most favored Who songs are:

Boris the Spider-                     1.00
The Real Me-                          1.00
I Can't Explain-                      1.00
Substitute-                           1.00
Love, Reign O'er Me-                  1.00
Slip Kid-                             1.00
Young Man Blues (LAL version)-        1.00
I Don't Even Know Myself-             1.00

The THIRD most favored Who song is:

Behind Blue Eyes-                     1.17

The SECOND most favored Who song is:

Overture to Tommy:                    1.50

And finally, the MOST favored Who songs are:

The Ox-                               2.00
The Dirty Jobs-                       2.00
However Much I Booze-                 2.00

And there you have it. Perhaps I'll mail the results of this poll
off the next time they're making a Best of the Who album.
- -Hart Deer