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Responce to Kate

Dear Kate,
     I, too, have read "Behind Blue Eyes" and thought it was great.  I also
read it twice because, as you have mentioned, there is a multitude of
information to take in.  As far as it being truthful, I think that for the
most part it kept to the facts.  Pete, however, was not a contributor,
though I believe he probably read it (see letter exchanges between author
and him).  Anyway, I found it a fascinating read.
     If you want to get your hands on another good book, I recommend Richard
Barnes' book "The Who, Maximum R&B."  It's really informative and has a
terrific selection of photos spanning from their childhood to the present.
I also recommend the book that Pete wrote, entitled "Horse's Neck."  It is
out of print though, so you'll have to do some investigative work to get a
hold of it.  I called up a number of bookstores in New York which specialize
in out of print books, so that's how I got my copy.  
     Hope some of this proved informative to you.