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I hate to sound like a broken record but Who By Numbers is at the top of my
list for one of my favorite albums.  I believe the album shows Pete's first
crisis as a performer.  

He hit his thirties; has all this wealth, fame and adulation but he was
questioning his own self worth as a performer, writer, husband & most of
all a human being.  The lyrics clearly show his depression & confusion at
the time.  All you need to do is look at the first line of However much I
booze to see it.

"I see myself on TV, I'm a faker, a paper clown"

That just says it all to his state of mind and it just continues with
Dreaming from the Waist to Imagine a Man, How many Friends, They are all in
love, Blue Red & Grey & In a hand or a Face.   I view it as a concept album
plain and simple.  And a very good one at that.

Just my take