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Star Fans

You never know where your going to find a Who fan.

Adam Arkin of Chicago Hope was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show today and made a
Who reference.  To set it up I need to go back two weeks ago.  Rosie was in
L.A. taping her show and had the cast of Chicago Hope do a production
number for a sketch. 

Well; as I said Arkin was on the show again today and Rosie was thanking
him for appearing in the sketch.  He made a comment about how nervous he
was because of the size of the audience that day and expressed something to
the effect of:

"I was so nervous it was like opening for The Who!" - not a direct quote
but close

Of all bands he could have picked he picks The Who, so I guess that
constitutes him as a fan.

I think it's about time there is a Who reference on that show; she has
adopted "Tommy can you hear me" as Tom Cruise's theme song.  Anytime his
name gets mentioned she plays it but never mentions the song writer or the
band where it orginated from.  She doesn't even play a Who recording of it
she uses the Broadway recording so it has been long coming.