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ICE News Flash

 ICE On-Line's News Flash section is a new weekday feature in which
 our editorial staff passes along updates, corrections and additions
 to the current issue of ICE. If none are available, then we might
 just answer a reader's query, assault you with an editorial, or go
 off on a tangent!
                              December 30
 Good morning! It's now Monday, December 30, and for many of us, the
 last working day of 1996...
 The newest issue of Replay magazine, a spin-off of Request magazine,
 quotes The Who's Roger Daltrey as taking a firm position about the
 future of the band's Quadrophenia work - which is diametrically
 opposed to creator Pete Townshend's. "I want it to be rock 'n' roll;
 Pete is much more Broadway-oriented," Daltrey tells Replay's Gary
 Graff (also a regular ICE contributor). "If he ever starts to go
 that way, I think I will drop out.
 "I'm a rock 'n' roller; I feel Quadrophenia is very much a rock 'n'
 roll piece. And I think rock 'n' roll has to make too many
 compromises to get on Broadway."