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Re: "Tommy the Musical" book

Howdy Patrick! Welcome aboard!

TH>A question: I was out shopping in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area
TH>yesterday when I found an unopened hardbound copy of the "The Who's
TH>Tommy, the musical" tourbook, I think.  It's got a sticker on it that
TH>says "Includes Collector's Edition CD, new Tommy song "I believe my own
TH>eyes" written and performed by Pete Townshend  Only Available Recording!
TH>Is this a rarity?  Are the regular tourbooks for Tommy the musical rare?

I'm afraid this book is pretty common...in fact, as of a couple of days
ago I had two copies (my grandfather's wife sent me one, since my mum
told her to just get me any old Who book. Hello people! I already HAVE a
lot of Who books, but did anyone ask me what I had already? Noooo. But I
digress). Anyway, you can get the Tommy book at most decent bookstores
(Barnes and Nobles, etc.), and I know of at least one secondhand place
that has a never been opened, still in the original shrinkwrap copy
going for a mere $5 (the bandits wouldn't give me more than $3 for it).

                                         -Yellow Ledbetter

and I'm very very fond of parentheses...
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