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Bouncing email from mailing lists at igtc.com

Your address has been moved to Bounces@igtc.com
from some other mailing list at igtc.com
because email to you was bouncing.

Here are the addresses currently on Bounces@igtc.com
so that you can see which of your addresses is among them.
The comment for each address shows the date it was moved,
and the first list it was removed from.  If you were on
multiple lists here, you may have been removed from them
as well, but only the first list you were removed from
will show up in the comment below.

	davemorris@uk.pipeline.com (961103 thewho)
	sgfloyd@aol.com (961103 thewho)
	GRAY@genome2.hsc.usc.edu (961103 thewho)
	jarvis@texaco.com (961103 celtics-digest)
	1facom632@worldnet.att.net (961103 celtics-digest)
	chap@asu.edu (961103 celtics-digest)
	Richard.Marks@Ciba.diag (961104 celtics)
	DWilson@tribune.com (961104 thewho)
	Steve_Froyman@wgl.com (961105 celtics-digest)
	fmccall@lynx.dac.edu (961105 celtics)
	fritzg@iglou.com (961105 thewho)
	100532.566@compuserve.com (961105 thewho)
	lehuan@alex.qc.ca (961106 celtics)
	dfence@ncentral.com (961106 celtics-digest)
	sewbeit@wow.com (961108 celtics-digest)
	boston5@netcom.com (961109 celtics)
	jkrawe@sloc.net (961111 celtics)
	dat93sbo@ludat.lth.se (961111 thewho)
	m0vJzh3-0001fxC@ludat.lth.se (961111 thewho)
	aerogers@alaska.net (961111 celtics)
	es5123a@pop.american.edu (961111 celtics)
	manojln@muss.mcmaster.cis.ca (961113 celtics)
	A_DUHAIME@SMCVAX.SMCVT.EDU (961113 celtics)
	s_doherty@smcvax.smcvt.edu (961113 celtics)
	Niners@aol.com (961113 thewho)
	billw@genmagic.com (961113 mplayer)
	sg96997e@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu (961115 thewho)
	lumbjac@aol.com (961116 celtics)
	dillonf@connectnet.com (961118 celtics)
	ANDERSONI@library.phila.gov (961118 celtics)
	mnathan@online.disney.com (961119 thewho)
	ICOHEN.TCI@worldnet.att.net (961121 celtics-digest)
	mel@bcctech.com (961122 celtics)
	dshamoon@hopper.unh.edu (961125 celtics-digest)
	rbaez@kean.edu (961125 celtics-digest)
	bytori@aol.com (961125 thewho)
	heatho1807@aol.com (961125 thewho)
	dn00242@mail.durham.net (961125 celtics)
	ez064194@peseta.ucdavis.edu (961126 celtics)
	immortal@etsu.edu (961126 celtics)
	oasis@atlantic.net (961126 celtics)
	jasmow@aol.com (961126 thewho)
	oasis@isnt.dead.just.idle.net (961126 celtics)
	petetwnsd@aol.com (961126 thewho)
	rowlandea@putter.a1 (961126 celtics-digest)
	ewehrmann@ix.netcom.com (961127 celtics-digest)
	comlib2@hookup.net (961127 thewho)
	www.amypeterson@landmark.co (961127 thewho)
	myazzie@infoway.lib.us (961202 celtics)
	g_h_@wow.com (961202 celtics)
	happyjak@aol.com (961202 thewho)
	darchbol@acad.aic.edu (961203 celtics)
	loser@gay.com (961204 celtics)
	nowakth@gte.com (961204 celtics-digest)
	zrl@monadnock.keene.edu (961204 celtics)
	drdeath@soonernet.com (961204 celtics-digest)
	nosahara@ucdavis.edu (961204 celtics)
	chris@sjdirect.com (961204 thewho)
	PPCT28A@prodigy.com (961204 thewho)
	HECKTOW@pipeline.com (961205 thewho)
	anthony@worldbank.org (961205 celtics)
	drkblm@gnn.comdrkblm@gnn.com (961205 thewho)
	Eborges@gnn.com (961205 celtics-digest)
	bolumeb@ppg.mcdermott.com (961206 celtics)
	gators@mv.MV.com (961210 celtics)
	thomasla@sccoast.net (961211 celtics-digest)
	mdavis@softkey.com (961211 celtics-digest)
	blue@aol.com (961211 celtics-digest)
	msullivan@kraft.com (961212 celtics-digest)
	tbryant747@aol.com (961212 celtics-digest)
	nusdyt1.fzywk7@gmeds.com (961213 celtics-digest)
	73044.12@compuserv.com (961215 thewho)
	mckelvey@stanley.feldberg.brandeis.edu (961216 celtics)
	pnch24bg@ix.netcom.com (961216 thewho)
	rjh-esq@ix.netcom.com (961216 thewho)
	otto1@ix.netcom.com (961216 thewho)
	drkblm@gnn.com (961216 thewho)
	LukPac@newrock.com (961216 thewho)
	rsdme@aol.com (961216 celtics)
	djones@ushmm.org (961217 thewho)
	skilift@aol.com (961223 celtics)
	RMorris@usa.pipeline.com (961223 celtics)
	bounce (961223 celtics)
	thewho (961223 celtics)
	cheuing@ix.netcom.com (961223 thewho)
	wholigan@ix.netcom.com (961223 thewho)
	give@juno.com (961223 thewho)
	pisquano@meet.it (961223 thewho)
	yort@charlotte.infi.net (961223 thewho)
	david@cgia.state.nc.us (961223 celtics)
	FELICI@irbm.it (961223 thewho)
	mingpho@ix.netcom.com (961223 celtics-digest)
	luis.madera@codetel.net.do (961223 celtics)

If the problem has been fixed, you can get off of
Bounces and back on to the other list by sending the
following to Majordomo@igtc.com:

    subscribe your_list
    unsubscribe bounces

To subscribe or unsubscribe an address other than where you're
sending the command from, append the other address to the end
of the "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" command (for example,
"subscribe your_list foo@bar.com").

You'll need to access the mailing list archives if you want to catch
up on whatever you missed while you were off the main list.

If you don't want to keep getting these reminders every day, but
don't want to resubscribe to the list, send just the "unsubscribe"
command shown above.

If you need to contact a human being regarding this, send a message
to Majordomo-Owner@igtc.com.