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Welcome to bounces

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Welcome to the bounces mailing list!

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
you can send mail to "Majordomo@igtc.com" with the following command
in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe bounces thewho (961223 celtics)

Here's the general information for the list you've
subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

Your address has been moved to bounces@igtc.com from some other mailing list
at igtc.com because e-mail to you was bouncing.

If the problem has been fixed, you can get off of the bounces list and back
on to the other list by sending the following to majordomo@igtc.com:

subscribe your_list
unsubscribe bounces

where "your_list" is the name of the list you were subscribed to.

You'll need to access the archives if you want to catch up on whatever mail
you missed while you were off your mailing list.

If you need to contact a humam regarding this, send a message to