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More on standing..

> If there aren't any seats, fine, stand, just for goddess's sake don't
> start shoving people around, kicking people in the head, stabbing them
> with your drug needles, or whatever.

Well, I think we can now deciphre this topic a bit. Yes, there are
different types of people at different types of concerts.

Some bands attract the type of crowd where slam dances and rowdiness
can occur. Some attract more "matured" crowds, where, although they
may still stand, the drugged needles and the crushing at the front
may not be the case. 

Standing to groove to the music with or WITHOUT the presence of
seats is a FACT. It HAPPENS. People are TOO EXCITED to sit and 
get up to move to the sound.

But don't mix that with stabbing people with needles and kicking.

Drugs are present at either venue, yes. But the outbreak of a riot
and standing to dance and blocking your view cause you are not a 
person to stand are two different things, I think..IMO..

Sure, a fan next to a drunk fan can get into a fight. Its easy
It happens every day in bars. But that has nothing to do withthe
the fact that you cannot see cause you want to sit. 

I know what you are saying. I have been to concerts where the band
was a band that I liked, but not enought to get up and dance, and
would rather stay seated. If people get up in front of me, I cant
control them, but I have been steamed on occasion. So yes, I am 
sort of a hypocrite. But I usually try to remembert that I have
probably "shafted" someones view in the past myself and what comes
around goes around. 

Thats what Roger meant with seats were made for standing on. Rock
is raw and powerful. It should make the whole audience stand and
move. But, there are people that have been to alot of concerts that
have grown past that phase...;(

Then again...some have not...;) 

"The place was really jumping to the hi-watt amps..."