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The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #632

>> Speaking of the crowd, the floor was divided into right, center, and left
sections, and the left-hand third of the front section sat for the *entire
show*.  The entire right-side (Pete) section sat.  Wankers.  Thankfully,
these gaffes were rectified in the second show when all stood. <<

Well the w*nkers are the selfish buggers who stood up.  Let me tell you that
because of those selfish thoughtless bastards many people further back who were
not 6 ft tall saw nothing of the show and could only sit back down in dismay and
watch the video screens now and again.  They all paid L30.00 yet could not watch
the show, bloody disgraceful.  I blame the management for not evicting all those
who will not sit down, they would in a cinema so why not at a concert.  What the
hell are the seats for anyway, everyone sits and everyone sees, intelligent,
sensible and logical.  You stand only for the applauses, surely.  So just think
before you criticise those who are obviously more thoughtful than you, in fact
IMO you are the w*nker by the sound of it.

BTW I loved the concert, what I saw of it from my 5 ft 6in height :-((
Ray Walton at 22:30:48 on 11-Dec-96 using OZWIN 2.10.1