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Whofest 97

If The Who are planning on returning back to the U.S.A. for a outdoor summer
tour maybe Whofest 97 should be postponed? I would love to attend Whofest 97
but if I had a chance to see The Who again I think I would spend my money on
the tour. Most of us on the list are not as rich as WF! And WF NYC is not
the only city on this planet!

I don't have a problem with Denver being the city to host Whofest 97.
Actually I would love to check Denver out since I have never been there. Has
this decision been finalized? 

I know that the Led Zeppelin mailing list just had their Zepfest 96 in
Cleveland this past November. It was a great success by all accounts. I was
originally going to attend this event but The Who were playing Pittsburgh
and Buffalo that same weekend. 

Many people also made the trip to Cleveland to check out The Rock And Roll
Hall Of Fame. Been there twice and I still haven't had a chance to see
everything. Also they mix up the exhibits every once in awhile to keep thing
fresh from what I understand. 

The Flats in Cleveland is also a great place to party. Lots of bars to suit
anyones taste. If anyone on the list has been there I'm sure you know what
I'm talking about.

The Zep list is having their second Zepfest this spring in Niagara Falls
since the first was such a great success. 

I'm not saying we should have our Whofest 97 in the same place as Zepfest 96
was. I'm sure Denver or any other city for that matter would be a great host
city. It will be the people who attend this event that will make it a
success since Who fans are very unique and loyal!