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Quad at Earls Court, London

Two great shows on on Friday and Saturday, the latter winning out thanks to=
 the two extra numbers, plus some superb electric lead by Pete.

=46riday extra's:
Won't Get Fooled
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You

Saturday extra's
Won't Get Fooled
Behind Blue Eyes
Naked Eye
Who Are  You

The whole production is a vast improvement on the Hyde Park debut (sorry,=
 never made the US tour), the new  video footage is really great and the=
 actor (Alex?) is perfect as Jimmy - looks like a morph of Keith Moon and=
 Phil Daniels and I would hope has a good acting career ahead of him. Nice=
 to meet some old friends and listers backstage too.

Billy Idol was also good (despite his late entry tonight), while the only=
 downer was the ludicrous casting of PJ  Proby as Godfather - fat, American,=
 can't sing, had to read lyrics on the floor, looked ridiculous - might as=
 well have gone the whole hog and hired Marlon Brando!  My choice would have=
 been 70's UK glam rocker Alvin Stardust (formerly Shane Fenton) who has=
 loads more style, a decent voice and does a nice line in self parody when=
 he dons his super-size DA quiff.

The shows were great, but at the same time I can't help thinking they're a=
 zillion miles from the original Quad performances at the Lyceum and Sundown=
 Edmonton in December '73 - the days of real mega-volume, speakers=
 collapsing, tapes going horribly out synch, missed cues, fights on stage,=
 Moonie drumming like a complete demonic maniac, Pridden flying in from the=
 wings trying to sort all the shit out, Townshend getting pissed (both=
 meanings) out of his mind - now THAT was the REAL WHO...

Sorry, I'll wake up soon - back to '96 and at least Pete ended the London=
 shows in style tonight, with some classic final words: "I'd like to fuck=
 you all!"

That's our boy...