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Re: Yellow's Who Project

My presentation got bumped to this coming Wednesday (the 11th), since
the guy who was slated to go on then wasn't ready, and my teacher Jeff
knows that I'm ALWAYS ready to talk about the Who. :) Of course, this
means I had to finalize my song decisions a little sooner than I had

It was a tough choice, but I finally decided to play:
1. My Generation (studio)
2. A Quick One (video clip from Monterey Pop Fest)
3. I'm One (WW1 MSG broadcast)
4. Won't Get Fooled Again (video clip from end of TKAA)

I know it seems a bit strange for my only studio piece to be "My
Generation", but I wanted to show my class that the Who could be loud
and scary offstage as well. :) Plus, the songplaying is going to take up
about 23 minutes as it is, leaving me only about seven minutes to talk.
Live versions of "MG" tend to stretch on for a bit. And I figure if my
classmates are super-desperate to see instruments being smashed, I can
rewind TKAA a little bit and show them the lovely montage that comes
after "MG" at Monterey.
I already have a whole mess of Who photos printed up, and a number of
e-mails from you guys (thanks again!) to impress Jeff with. Now all I
have to do is finish filling out my worksheet (half done already). So
almost all the work is done...but I'm incredibly nervous anyway! <panic
panic> What if I run out of time? What if the little visigoths aren't
properly impressed by our boys? What if they fall asleep? What if they
start throwing things at me? I'm probably overreacting here. The girl
who did Frank Zappa a couple of weeks ago could barely even talk, she
just kept saying "ummm..." and whenever Jeff asked her a question she'd
mumble a lot and say she didn't know, and everyone was really nice to
HER... My only realistic worry is time. I'll just have to make sure I go
first, and if anyone else is presenting the same day as me, well, they
can either make it fast or they can continue on Thursday. :> Whatever
band they might be doing surely deserves to be bumped by the Who. :)

                                           -Yellow Ledbetter
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