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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #628

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>I do have a question: About 2 years ago, I heard that The Who were trying to 
>get the master tapes of the first album from the Shel Talmay estate so that 
>they could remaster it & transfer it into proper stereo. Has there been any 
>updates on this report, or are the tapes still out of reach.
>Russ (Quadrophenia) Gillett

'Fraid so, Russ.  Shel still has the original 3-track tapes, he says he 
could mix them in stereo, he says he has additional tracks, and he is 
still insisting that he remix and produce the album.  The Who don't want 
him to and so the battle will soon enter its 31st year.

                        -Brian in Atlanta
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