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Vince's Guitar Question

Hey there, Vince:

   You're thinking of buying your son a guitar but unsure about 
electric/acoustic thing and brands.
   i agree with almost everything that was posted yesterday on the list, 
but wanted to give you some advice that was overlooked:

    Have your son pick out which guitar he wants. Have him play it before 
you take it home. This is a purchase that is more important and personal 
(and expensive) than it may even appear. i realize it takes the thrill 
out of Christmas morning, and that does kind of ruin it, but you don't 
want to buy the wrong guitar. At the very least, you should make 
ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the store will exchange what you do purchase 
(music store employees can be real pricks when they want to -- sorry if 
that offends anyone, but its true in my experiences.)
   If you take him with you to pick it out, have him hold and strum an 
acoustic and an electric. Have the salesman show him what he can do with 
an electric (they are so versatile and easier to learn on, in my opinion, 
because generally the frets are closer together and the strings are 
closer to the fretboard... ok that's technical, but its easier, thats the 
point). Yet, if he has his heart set on an acoustic, make sure he's sure, 
and go for it. They are harder to learn on, but have a unique sound and 
will develop his style in a very good way. And when he does go to play an 
electric sometime, he'll be amazed at how much easier it is and how much 
more you can do with it. 
   i learned on an old, huge Yamaha Spanish (nylon&metal-string) guitar, 
and when i picked up an electric it was like a whole other level... like 
learning to use a computer and then discovering the internet. Yet my 
advice would be get the electric (HIS decision, though!) and he'll be 
happier in the long run; its versatility will astound him. He'll be able 
to get an almost acoustic sound or a metallic-feedback wail whenever he 
wants, and that's what music is, especially to a teenager --- 
   So good luck, i don't envy your decisions about type and brand. But 
your son is very lucky to have a father like you and i'm sure it'll be 
great no matter how you handle it. Be sure to let us all know how it 
comes out!

                              peace&anarchy, jdworks

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