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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #622

Goodaye friends,

regarding the cancelled dublin gig, it may not have been
just a lack of publicity that led to the poor ticket sales,
the same thing happened in Australia (admittedly it was
only half the who) after high profile publicity. I think generally
The WHO are overlooked when it comes to programs, radio etc	
talking about great bands and as a result the young people
of today (especially in australia) just haven't even heard of  
the who. Also I think that the who's greatest hits packages 
and the like do not properly reflect what the who are about.
I could name dozens of great who songs that would never 
appear on a greatest hits selection and that truely reflect 
the spirit of the who, especially the live stuff. If I only knew 
the who through a hits LP I had in my collection I probably
wouldn't fork out money for a concert. However if I watched
something like The Kids Are Alright video I would be an 
instant fan.

On a happier note I just read the cd review of the isle of wight 
concert by dave marsh in the November issue of guitar world. 
He rates it as truely magnificent, their best live performance.
He goes on to say that "until recently I would have rated it as 
roger daltrey's best performance, that is until I saw the NY 
leg of the current quadraphenia tour in which roger equalled  
that performance." Awesome.Needless to say I will die and 
go to heaven if they come to australia (and don't cancel).

Rock on.........Mike Scourfield


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