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Band ContactSun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997


Has anyone had any interesting correspondance with any of the Band?
I wrote to Pete some years ago with a few questions about Lifehouse, and
got replies from Nicola Joss, his P.A

1. She said that she would try and find out the answers to my Qs, she didn't.
2. I found out that Pete was recording a new album, to be released in Nov
1991. I presume this was going to be some Psychoderelict songs, but was
postponed due to his Bike accident !!!!
3. I got a great signed photo "To Tim, Pete Townshend.."

Does anyone else have any info/replies that are worth talking about ??


P.S My Questions were:
Where did Put The Money Down  and Relay feature in Lifehouse?