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Kudos to Ken

	Far from being the "tedium" he apologized for, I thought Ken 
Traub's foray (Sat, Jan 28) into the bar-band vs. Broadway debate was 
just about the most moderate, lucid analysis I've seen on this list.  
Well done!

	To briefly clear up another matter (just in case I choose to 
mount the soapbox again), I'm Craig O'Neill, despite the header on my 
posts.  Susan Whiting is my wonderful wife, on whose e-mail coattails I 
am illegally riding.  (Please don't tell her employer!)  Although I 
once overheard her humming "5:15" under her breath, she's not (alas) 
known as a great Who fan.  So any drivel appearing under our names is 
mine alone.