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Re: Friday A.M. WHO thoughts

Hi Marty. You had some interesting thoughts, but I beg to differ with 
your comment that PT is obsessed with his past to the point that it eats 
up the time he could spend on his new music. If anyone in the Who fits 
THAT description, it's Daltrey.

RD has never been successful in separating himself from Who material. 
While he's been prolific as a solo artist, the most recent "real" hit he had 
(After The Fire) was writted by PT! I feel sorry for the guy, really. 
Fate rang true during his Carnegie Hall performance of Imagine A 
Man. Consider the last line: "Imagine a soul, so old it is broken. And you 
know your invention is youth." I liken the image of those words to the 
Who's situation. RD longs for the old Who (in a a way, don't we all?). 
PT would rather move on in his solo work. 

Tommy on Broadway, fine. But I don't think PT nor any of us wants to see 
Who On Broadway-esque shows. PT  wants to move on and expand. RD doesn't, 
and through his eyes, he can't be successful unless working with PT.
Kinda like a relationship gone sour. Different needs. Different wants.

That's my 2 cents. C-ya.

- Doug