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'89 Who Opinions?Sun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997

I am curious what other people think of the 15 piece "Who" as
represented on the _Join Together_ set/'89 Tour. There have been
several comments recently about people disliking an "orchestrated"
Who. IMHO, I really, really enjoy the _JT_ version of _Tommy_. I
think it has a lot of energy and a great, rich sound which is 
due in large part to the work of the Kick Horns and the percussionist
(although I don't care much for Boltz). I realize that this sound
is not the same raw, out-of-control honest rage which produced the
original _Tommy_, but I don't understand how the new take voids the
old. Can't we have both? I don't see the Broadway _Tommy_ or the '89
_Tommy_ ever replacing the '69 _Tommy_. I guess I am too greedy a 
listener to refuse (what I consider) good music even though it 
follows great music.

$.02 depending on exchange rate,