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Old Mailing List?Sun Dec 7 12:23:24 PST 1997

Does anyone on this list know about a list that existed in the past
and maybe still exists? While looking through an FTP site, I 
discovered an archive of Who.Digests apparantly run by Eric J. Davis
at baba@ucscb.ucsc.edu. I downloaded all of the digests at that site
which are volumes 1.1 through 4.7 (missing 2.4-2.9). There are a few
interesting bits in there, including progress reports from someone
on Pete's frustration with his "new" album in progress (PsychDerelict).
I think they date from around March of 1991. Did this current list 
evolve from the baba list? Did anyone belong to that list? If anyone
is interested in the old digests, I'd be happy to forward them.

Just curious...

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