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Re[2]: RD acting

>> There was also the "Threepenny Opera" (title?), a musical
>> with Roger in one of the feature roles.  A TV documentary 
>> was also done on Roger at the same time to promote it. (But
>> did I tape it? Noooooo....)
> It was called "Mac the Knife" and also starred Raul Julia.  Roger 
played the narrator.

Not so.  "Mack the Knife" was a separate venture to "The Threepenny Opera".  
"Mack" was made for theatrical release in about 1989 whereas "Threepenny" was (I 
think) made for TV a few years earlier.  The documentary (which I DID tape) 
gives a brief rundown on Roger's career with the Who et al and then focuses on 
his role in "The Threepenny Opera".

Other RD acting projects which I don't think have been mentioned are a film 
called "Cold Justice" where he stars with (I think) Dennis Waterman.  I've never 
seen this, just noticed a poster in the local video shop some years back.  He 
also did a 3 minute show called "Mini Sagas" where he plays a hitman - worth 
seeing if you get the chance.

Oh, and I think the title of the film "Murder" which someone mentioned is 
"Murder - Grounds for Divorce".  I saw this in a shop once but haven't seen it 
since - it had Toyah Wilcox in it if my memory serves me correct.