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A couple of things


Here a few odd and ends:

1) "I Can See For Miles" was an ad for Jiffy Lube and it showed a car
traveling on a road for about15 seconds with "You can drive for miles and
miles......." (as in between tune-ups).

2) Roger was in a presumably really bad movie called "Murder"
I saw it in a video shop on vacation about 10 years ago and of course no VCR
was to be had. Now I cannot even find the movie anywhere. But I know I saw it

3) Finally about Shel Talmy. I have heard that both sides (ie The Who and
Shel Talmy) have been gathering info on when songs were recorded and which
countries songs were released. A very good and reliable source recently told
me that it was for a legal battle, but did not know any more details. I know
Richard Barnes has been doing a lot of info collecting for The Who side, so I
found it amusing in alt.music.who that Shel Talmy was asking Who fans to give
him info that could very well be turned against The Who.