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Re: Covers of the who, humor

In article <199501171910.AA08899@cnj.digex.net>,
    QuietOne <drjimmy@cnj.digex.net>  writes:
>     The Kids are alright.. [as a country song]

Eek!  Maybe the edited version lends to this kind of thinking, but if
you hear the unexpurgated version on the original My Generation album,
there's a big feedback guitar solo that's ripped out of the edited
version that appears on 'Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy'.  My feeling is
that the feedback solo gives more of a feel for what the Who were like
live at that time ('65).  That and Moon's frenetic drumming on the
soung definately move it out of the C&W category.  But then again, I'm
not a C&W fan at all either =}

						-- Rich
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