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WHO boot cd

Hi all!

 I'm wondering if anyone is interested in the following "import" cd I 
bought over the summer. 
            The Who "My Generation"
            Live at the Amsterdam Opera House  9/29/69
     I Can't Explain       2:16
     Fortune Teller        2:30
     Tattoo                2:56
     Young Man Blues       5:25
     Pinball Wizard        2:39
     Substitute            2:01
     Happy Jack            2:10
     I'm Free              2:20
     1921                  2:22
     Summertime Blues      3:34
     See Me, Feel Me       4:40
     I'm A Boy             2:34
     Christmas              :48
     AcidQueen             3:21
     Shakin All Over       8:18
     My Generation        13:17
  16 Tracks         Total 61:11     On Stage Records       
  The sound is comparable to MCA's "Live At Leeds".  
 The first person to respond with a $20 offer plus $3 s&h gets it.
 I believe that this is an edited version of the 2cd Amsterdam show, 
 that's why the strange order of songs. I have ordered the 2cd set 
 from a mail order place  and I'd like to offer this to anyone who is 

 If you have further questions, feel free to e-mail me directly at