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Green Day's MG

(apologies to the Green Day unsympathetic)

The cover of My Generation on Kerplunk is a bonus song on the tape/CD,
and was on the band's first EP in (probably) 1990 (as Sweet Children).
It's a fun listen, with some definite quirks, but I'd love to see them
re-record it with better quality equipment.

I used to see them play approximately monthly (my head's on the back
of Dookie, wowie zowie) and during that time they played My Generation
once, as an encore.  Needless to say, ....

Anyway, Green Day can have a go at the whole catalog as far as I'm
concerned.  I'd especially like to hear Pictures of Lily (seeing as
"Long View" is the first commercially successful song about
masturbation since).

BTW, I second the motion for the Sex Pistols' "Substitute".  It's on
_The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle_, too.