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Response to Crown and Cushion

In response to the Crown and Cushion,                              Jan 13, 1995

I know this is belated, but I sent this 4 days ago and it never seemed to make
it to the netwaves (at least I think it didn't).  Oh well, here goes another 
shot -> back to the Crown and Cushion:

I had the fortunate pleasure of visiting the Crown and Cushion during the '89
tour (the London leg).  Four of us who had decided to make the trip over to
England from the US for the London shows decided one night to visit Moonie's 
old pub/hotel.

I can't remember everything, but here goes:

We weren't sure what to expect as we entered the small pub (3 or 4 tables,a bar
and a fireplace) then occupated by 3 or 4 people.  After a couple of pints we 
started talking to the people in the bar, to find out one was the owner that
had bought the bar (from either Monnie or his estate after death).  Another
was one that just happened to frequent the pub during Monnie's days. They were
thrilled that we were interested in hearing stories of Moonie (I guess not 
many people came around asking).  Needless to say they told numerous stories 
of Moonies antics until the bar closed. (I wish we had taped some!!).  I also 
remember them saying that they had some of Keith's stuff in a back garage 
(including a drum set), but had sold it all (for basically nothing) in a 
garage sale!

We ended up staying the night there and the owner even let us set our own price
of our stay.

Days later we proceeded to Moonie's grave site to pay our respects.  The problem
was that he did'nt really have a grave, but was cremated and his ashes scattered
on one part of the lawn.  (Alan was there also, so can correct me if I'm wrong).
Thus it took awhile to find someone who actually knew the whereabouts of his
remains.  I even have a picture of us giving a toast in his rememberence.

Anyways, if anyone ever goes to the Crown and Cushion, ask about us.  There's no
way they could forgot us becuase of a certain incident as we were leaving.  A 
woman of our group was taking a picture of the courtyard (or something) and had
propped up a window with a very large (huge) bottle of Remy Martin (sp?).  The 
bottle then mysteriously came loose to fall 2 floors to the ground right in the 
entrance way.  It made a sound what seemed like a bomb, and Remy (and the smell) 
went everywhere.  The owner was very nice about it, we cleaned it up and we were 
on our way.  But everyone couldn't help but joke about if it was Keith's doings 
or not.  (Wasn't it Keith, or maybe Pete that loved Remy Martin ????).

DJF (David)