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re: archive exploration


    Not to slow up things, but could you please explain
    to "archive" novice, exactly what it is that isnt 
    available untila year from now ?

Sorry, thought it was clear.  I was talking about a collection of mostly
Who-related material belonging to Tom Wright, a long-time friend of
Pete's.  Tom recently donated the collection to the Center for American
History, which is a research library at the University of Texas.  This
collection reportedly consists of about 120,000 negatives and prints,
over 2,000 tapes and LPs, Wright's correspondence with Pete, and
miscellaneous posters, scrapbooks, etc. -- again, mostly concerning The
Who.  They recently had a reception to announce the donation, and I
(silly me) thought the collection would be available for public use.
But when I went in last Saturday they told me that cataloging the
collection would take around a year and it wouldn't be open to the
public till then.

My next strategem (balancing your and my need to know :-) with not being
a schmuck) is to try to arrange to meet Tom there if and when he makes
it to Austin and maybe get him to escort me past the librarians to just
stand in the middle of the boxes for 5 or 10 minutes and try to get a
rough idea of the contents.  The one specific piece of information I
have about the collection is that I was told the original demo tape for
_Behind Blue Eyes_ is in there, a gift from Pete to Tom.