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Pete's Address

I just re-mailed a letter to Pete two days ago when the address was
posted on the list.  I originally sent a letter to Pete last summer
to an address in New York, but their was no luck with that.  (I had gotten
the New York address from a celebrity mailing list book.  Anyways, thanks
for the address to (I think  Paul).  I hope he gets it sometime...I sent
a picture of me playing guitar with blood everywhere.  I was playing 
one night (really drunk) and I ripped the shit out of my hand...(purposely
splattering blood everywhere, (in Pete's honor)  I wrote him a funny letter
though...nothing too weird or pyscho...He has greatly influenced my
life ,  but I did not want to write so weird hard core letter...I hope
that he sees the picture .  I also wrote about the Pyscho derelect tour.

I told him that I liked the smaller venues that he played...I liked the
fact that as he was singing songs you could also hear the whole audience
sing along with him...It was very neat to hear everyone sing Behind Blue 
Eyes together.

anyways I must be going .