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Re: Tommy (the %&#@** movie)

> >Am I the only who fan that finds the Tommy movie totally lame and

> As Alan McKendree said, no, you probably are not the only one...
> but I as well as many others do not find Tommy totally lame at all.
> It has been a long time since I've seen it, but I think Ann Margaret,
> & Tina Turner both have great voices...

This was just on USA a few weeks ago, and I caught the 
last third of it channel-surfing, after having not seen it
in years.

My thoughts - 

When it first came out, I loved "Pinball Wizard" and thought "Champagne"
was lame, and now that opinion is reversed. (Is "Champagne" in
the Broadway version? Underrated performance, IMHO.)

"Mother and Son" still sucks. (Thousands watch you plaaaay.. !PINBALL!)

And some of the performances have held up well. "I'm Free", "Welcome" and 
"Sally Simpson" were improvements on the original.

Just my $.02

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