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Info on "Flash Fearless Verses the Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6".

I have found an album which features John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Alice
Cooper, Elkie Brooks, James Dewar, Carmine Apppice, Nicky Hopkins, Mike
Deacon, Robert A Johnson, Jim Dandy, Steve Hammond, Dave Pierce, Justin
Hayward, Bill Bruford, Howie Cassey, Kenny Joes, and Jill Macintosh.

I have searched Who, Cooper, Moody Blues, Yes, et al, discographies for
info on the album; "Flash Fearless Verses the Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6."

Entwistle sings (lead and backup), plays bass, and some horns, Keith plays
drums as does Kenny Jones.

Some LP info:

"Flash Fearless Verses the Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6"
12/33 Chrysalis CHR-1072
Recorded between October 1 and December 31, 1974
Produced by John Alcock
'A Scratchy Records Production for Chrysalis Records Limited in Association
with Intergalactic Productions and Based on the Stage Muiscal to be
Produced by Weston Gavin'
'Extra special thanks to the OX'

Anyone know anything, or have a copy? I'm willing to make copies and trade
for Who stuff, etc.

All of the folks listed above play in various combinations on the record,
so you do get the Who, Yes, Faces, Moody Blues band :)

Thanks for any info.


Michael Leo McHugh - Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives
Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0179