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Pete's studio work


I was listening to a couple of Pete's "old" albums the other day - "White
City" and "... Chinese Eyes". Some questions popped into my mind as I read
through the sleeve notes. I'd appreciate any answers you might have to these.

On "White City" all the studio musicians are named, but not on which tracks
they play. It's pretty easy to distinguish Pino Palladino's bass lines on
"Give Blood" and "White City Fighting" for instance. and I'm sure it's Simon
Phillips who plays the incredible drums on "Give Blood". Very "Keith Moon" in
my opinion.

The drummer of Blondie, Clem Burke is also named. Where does he play? And if
you've checked out the "White City"-videonovel, you've seen the bonus song 
"Night School" performed at Pete's boathouse. I only recognise "Rabbit" on
keyboards, and of course Pete and Emma. Who are the others?

On "... Chinese Eyes", Mike Shrieve, of Santanas band,  is mentioned as
having helped out with demos. What demos? Was this during Pete's Californian
stay? BTW, it would be neat to have Shrieve play with the Who. What does
he do these days anyway?

Also, doesn't Pete work with Chris Thomas and Bill Price anymore? I think
some of the failure of "Psychoderelict" and "Iron Man" especially is due to
poor production. Is Pete reluctant to work with any producer than himself

Hey, there's something to think about...

- Svante