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[jody@cgia.state.nc.us: talkin bout m-m-m-m-my my]

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    From: jody@cgia.state.nc.us (JOEL)
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    Subject: talkin bout m-m-m-m-my my
    Date: Tue, 30 Aug
    Also, I was listening to an album I have called 'The Singles', which has a
    blue cover and early photos of the band...Anyway, the mix of ICSFM is
    totally different from any I've ever heard. The bass is literally booming on
    that track. Has anyone else ever heard this mix? Where is it originally from?
    -the mayor
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I just discussed this with my friend Roland. It sounds to us like the bass
is just an overdub which was added later. Incidentally, he has both the
album and CD of "Singles" and there are differences between the two.

Speaking of "Miles", Rokand has an acetate from the sixties which has the
edit which was used on the Who's Smothers Brothers' appearance. It is a
different edit. I saw the show originally and then again at a flea market
in New York City in the 70's. I wish they would release a video of the
complete Who segment. I seem to remember Dick Smothers telling Tom he could
have a band-aid after Pete broke Tom's guitar prop. 

It's also possible that the Smothers' version of "Miles" is used on the
Decca promo single #9-34497 but I'm not positive as I don't have that one.    

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