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Re: "Dream Reissues" and Keith Moon

B0RN2RUN@aol.com (sorry I wish I knew your true name) hit it right on
the money.  

When I realise five years ago what I would've thought to many of
Dylan's bootlegs commercially released I would simply have dismissed
the idea.  

OR:  that MCA and Atlantic were finally going to "do it right" and
re-release CD's with the original if not better sound quality of
their major artists I would've laughed it off.

Let's say the Who Live set when release is a major success for MCA.
That might be the litmus test they use to determine if further sets
are necessary.  I would guess that the new retrospective is doing
well since the live set is becoming a serious project.  We might want
to have it all now, but it's going to take time.  Maybe if not this
year, there will be a 30th anniversary box set of Tommy.


Keith Moon:

As an aspiring drummer at the age of 12, Keith Moon was my biggest
influence.  Years later I have never learned about his youth as a
drummer or his major influences.  "Full Moon"  by Dougal Butler only
goes into stories during the Who's peak.  I always wondered how and
why Moon started to play the drums.   His style is everything
opposite of Jazz (and I love that music too!) but I can't think that
he didn't learn to play without a little jazz influence.  If anyone
knows anything about this I'd be happy to know.  I know he was in
Modern Drummer in 1977 or 1978 but I haven't been able to track down
this issue.

BTW (and I'm glad Im not the only one)  I thought  "Premier Drums"
said either "Turn it Up"  or "Turn it Off"   BTW what does the radio
ad say before the Rotosound strings ad, which goes into "I Can See
For Miles" on Sell Out?