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Rarities / MissingSun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

My recollection is that "Join Together" surfaced in Australia first (!?) - I
certainly saw it around before the UK Rarities 1 and 2 sets appeared.  The
(UK) rarities sets compile all the B-side/EP material not on standard UK
albums (not including the DECCA/Brunswick/Shel Talmy material).  The version
of Mary-Anne is the wrong version though (ie its the Sell Out version).  The
Missing sets did much the same for the US market but were more adventurous
in using unreleased material from the Shel Talmy sessions plus live material
while also taking into account material on On Tour and the US configurations
of My Generation and Quick One albums.

Interest-ing to learn that "Baby don't..." fades out early on the CD.  I
also note that neither Rarities nor the Who's [Two's] missing include the
full fade to Water - noticeably the "somebody shoot me" scream at the very
end (was that on the US single??).