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Re: Rarities Vol.1 and 2

On Sun, 21 Aug 1994, Nathanel J. Barlow wrote:

> I recently saw this import CD in a store.  I was wondering if there is
> anything special on it you can't get on any album to make it worthwhile
> for me to buy it.  Please respond to either address below ASAP.  Thanks.
> Nate
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 I have two cd's called WHOS MISSING. Both cd's are called that, had 
differnet songs, and different graphics on the covers.
 They were both different. I listened to them after carefully keeping the 
reciepts. :-)

 My cd's cover "when I was a boy" by Enwhistle, "water", "I don't even 
know myself", "here for more" and others by the who.

 The orginial "Marianne with the shakey hands..." which had a much more 
MONKEES SOUND. When they sang "shakey hands" the vocals were in reverb!
 Probably too controversial to put on an album back then.
 I think that this was the single realeased in the UK.
 I do not know how well it did in the charts....

 What songs are in that collection.....

 Talk later....

Kevin in Vancouver USA