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Daltrey Sings...

I wanted to mention my 2 cents about the DST show.

I really love anything done by the band no matter how corny
anyone may think it is to sing Rock songs with an orchestra.

If we are all Who fans, then we should all respect Rogers 
ambition in getting his/The Who's fans to hear some Who stuff.

No one is making anyone pay anything if they dont want to go.

But its a chance to see at least 2 members still playing some
things together.

I am 30 years old also ( Makes me kinda proud to be 30..:) ) 

( I also share Mick Jaggers birthday, but thats another mailing list!!)

I missed seeing the Who in 1982. I didnt have the money. Or a car...etc...
I paid 80 bucks to see Live Aid  ONLY after I heard they were reforming
for a lousy 20 minutes ( Not them, the time granted..)

I almost DIED when I saw the Who for the first time at Giants Stadium
in 1989, 2 nights after the Tommy thing at Radio City...
( When they went into Tommy I was like "Oh Shit THere Doing TOMMY ! ! )
  ( (  I didnt hear any song list leaks, didnt want to..Thought they would
       have started with Cant Explain....) )

I saw  the Who 3 times in person, was depressed when they left Jersey,
saw Townshend in person last year at the Beacon, and BAM...Saw DST at
Carnegie Hall the second night...( Honestly thought there would have been
a reunion for about an hour, like a surprise...but...at least Pete was
there..Didnt seem to PLEASED, but...)

I think I am hooked on a WHO drug.. I have their tapes in my car, walkman,
cd player, I read books, check the papers all the time for any new news,
do the same at this format, I look at album covers and pictures and try to
firgure out a way to enlarge them for hanging on a wall..

I rank them as one of my all time favorite ANYTHING/... they have a album
for many moods, Quadrophenia ( CD, not me... :) ) is great when you were
21  it was perfect... I thought...When you are 21 you are so close to your
teens that you can still rmember the feelings from when you were 17 and
angry, frustrated, lonely, rejected, misunderstood..

Who's Next is meant to be played to remind you ( If you DARE forget)
who the hell has the best album ever made..Clean clear precise absloutley
awsome music...

Who By NUmbers has some maturity to it, but it takes hold of you and doesnt
let you turn away/ Listen to Dreaming From the Waist, see how it gets deeper
and deeper into the dream, and you fall in riding thatlighting bolt to 
heights made only by Townshends pen.

Who are You is a return to rugged and thoughful lyrics. Hear the mix of 
Townshend and Gilbert and Sullivan...Here the incredible changes in 
New Song, Wait for the curse in Who Are You..( Yeah that was always cool
when you were brand new..still is really..I think the Who Are You album
was the first album I ever owned that had "fuck" in a song, since I bought
it before Quadrophenia ( DR JIMMY ) and WHO BY NUMBERS (HOWEVER MUCH I BOOZE - a
cool but psersonal song )

FACE DANCES - lots of goodies, YBYB, You, Another Tricky Day, daily Records,
This album was hated by alot.. I certainly played it alot, stilldo..

ITS HARD - Athena, cool... Eminence Front - classic.
           Ive Known No War. Dangerous. 
Cry If You want is cool, but i always liked the Toronto '82 long drum solo
version a bit better.

I do have a couple bones to pick.. "WHOS LAST" Need I go on ? 
Coundlt wait to buy this one..I dontthink I ever put it on since 
1983-84...Why didnt they add the crowd noise ? I think that would
have made it better.. It was all sound board, right ?

The bes of... Too many..

Saturday Nights Allright .... Goose pimples when I first heard it...

BOX SET... cant wait to get home everynight to put a disc on. 

( Was ' THE REAL ME "  on the box set from 1973 or was it a Kenny Jones 
remox for the movie that got dropped ??? 

Thanks for taking the time for me to ramble/// I really enjoy 
meeting with you people talking WHO...

growing up, I had freinds that liked the Who, but not as much.
THey had the Doors, Stones, Skynryd, Zepp ( who didnt..)

I finally get to talk about the best...

See ya ...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OH we have Roger from Oz!"................................