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Japanese Picture Sleeve Discography & Want List

Following is a list of all Japanese Who picture sleeve singles that I have been
able to identify. I have marked with an "X" any that I have and I would be
willing to buy or trade from my large Who collection for the ones I need.

Japanese Who picture sleeve singles are extremely collectable both because of
their rarity and the unique, very well designed art work.

   Out in the Street/Please Please Please                   Decca    DS-457
   I'm a Boy/In the City                                    Polydor  DP-1510
X  Happy Jack/I've Been Away                                Polydor  DP-1522
   Whiskey Man/Boris the Spider                             Polydor  DP-1531
   Pictures of Lily/Doctor Doctor                           Polydor  DP-1539
X  I Can See for Miles/Someone's Coming                     Polydor  DP-1558
   Last Time/Under My Thumb                                 Polydor  DP-1569
X  Armenia City in the Sky/Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand    Polydor  DP-1577
   Call Me Lightning/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde                  Polydor  DP-1589
   Dogs/Circles                                             Polydor  DP-1595
X  Summertime Blues/Shakin' All Over                        Polydor  DP-1737
   See Me, Feel Me/Young Man Blues                          Polydor  DP-1758
   Won't Get Fooled Again/I Don't Even Know Myself          Polydor  DP-1817
   Won't Get Fooled Again/Behind Blue Eyes/Summertime Blues/         
        Love Ain't for Keeping/See Me, Feel Me              Polydor  KP-2014
X  Let's See Action/Behind Blue Eyes                        Polydor  DP-1833
   When I Was a Boy/My Wife                                 Polydor  DP-1849
X  The Relay/Wasp Man                                       Track    ECPB-210-TR
X  The Real Me/Water                                        Track    ECPB-260-TR
X  Long Live Rock/Out the Money Down                        Track    ECPB-305-TR
   See Me, Feel Me/Overture (Soundtrack)                    Polydor  DP-1972
   Squeezebox                                               CBS/Sony    
X  Who Are You/Had Enough                                   CBS/Sony 06SP 264
X  5:15/I'm One                                             Polydor  DPQ 6172

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